Q: Hey, can I play too?

A: YES, definitely, WE WANT YOU TO! (I can't tell you how often i get this message.)

As long as there is time left on the countdown, you can submit a part and be a part of the next video.

Q. Which part should I play?

A. That is up to YOU. YOU CHOOSE your part. I do not assign parts.

You will get a chance to view and preview all parts before selecting one (and you can always change later).

Q: Can I / Should I use an external microphone?

A: If you have a good microphone you know how to record with, by all means, use it and upload to me your video file and your audio file as two separate files....please dont worry about syncing them. Special note: please dont disable the audio on the camera...that helps me sync the video files up.

Q. There are some differences between the audio and the part. What should I play?

A. In general, play the sheet music. The recording is a rough draft.

CHECK THIS PAGE to make sure you have the most recent part.

Q. Do I have to play ALL the double stops?

A. Not at All!…

In fact, don't play any them if they seem difficult...only play them if they sound good!

Pick a part that is appropriate to your difficulty.

Q. What if i can't play all the notes?

A. Then don't! Please don't play something too difficult for you.

Try to learn the one of the best rules of chamber music...just keep up and contribute positively.

You can sit out or fake it quietly in sections that are too difficult for you.

In fact, please do! It would help memixing it all together. :)

Q. How can I donate?


This project is possible only by donations -THANK YOU for your donation!